What is Change?

There are different levels of change.

If you’ve ever watched a NASCAR race you’ll see the pit stop. They refuel the race car and change its tires. Its fast. It’s repetitive. It’s measured in seconds. The need is known, but the change process is defined.

Solving the water crisis around the world is a different matter. Innovation is required and that means creative solutions that are chaotic, new, iterative and unclear at the outset. The need is known, but the process is not.

Defining the type of change you are facing is critical

The Unspeakable Solution!

Entrepreneurs become comfortable to the idea of the unknown. They learn to explore by seeing new things, examining something in depth, or by searching (sometimes it looks aimlessly) for something that can solve a problem.

Large organization often struggle with change because they have become dependent upon reliability. They have built momentum, magnitude and velocity. They exploit what they know at astounding volume. However, if the target shifts, it is difficult to change the direction of a speeding bullet. Or is it?

The solution may require and acceptable level of non-conformity. Cast out not those who see things differently

Skills and Skills…

Most drivers focus on the road, tailgate incessantly to inspire a faster lane even if it’s backed up to the hilt. They are focused on getting somewhere now!

A great driver focuses on the road, as well, but also checks the mirrors, looks around and doesn’t complete trust the green light. They too are driving, but they are always scanning for danger.

So there are skills for doing and skills for building awareness to possible change and unexpected events. This is not the same as analysis. It is abductive reasoning as opposed to deductive. It requires observation, hypotheses and assumptions — hopefully logical. Change in this direction means the search for validity in spite of current reliability.

The change process in the world of the unknown needs to be managed much differently than the change process in the world of known

Expect the Unexpected

Back to solving the water crisis. Water.org has an innovate solution to the water crisis. While a lot of people may think about how to help, Water.org is all about helping people help themselves. The idea is about shifting of energy. People with water shortages may spend an enormous amount of time transporting safe water in lieu of more productive endeavors.

Their solution is small loans to help people invest in water solutions so they can be productive, make a living and support their families instead of carrying around water.

“WaterCredit brings small, easily repayable loans to those who need access to affordable financing and expert resources to make household water and toilet solutions a reality”

Isn’t Ironic — Don’t be late!

Mr. Play It Safe was afraid to fly
He packed his suitcase and kissed his kids good-bye
He waited his whole damn life to take that flight
And as the plane crashed down he thought
“Well, isn’t this nice.”

And isn’t it ironic, don’t you think

(we hopefully won’t be sued by Alanis Morrisette)


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Group Praxis is being rejuvenated from a 11 year practice managing large scale project to focusing on the Change aspects where we’ve added the most value.

I mean, if we help people change and can’t change ourselves, well that would be ironic

We are preparing short seminars and workshops that can be used to build awareness or can be applied to a specific project.

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Oh, also, looking at partnering with a deep tech and automation tech company to help take your change to the next level where applicable. Stay tuned.